Steps to Realize Your Dream to Be a Qualified Pilot

Pilot in an airplane cabinHow fortunate if it is able to be a reliable and experienced pilot. In addition to invite family outing with jet aircraft, can indeed work in the airline at a salary large enough, at 15 to 20 million Indonesian rupiah per month for a pilot who first worked, whereas when it has been able to become a captain of the flight hours high likely to reach 70 million Indonesian rupiah per month(in accordance with the policy of the airline). No wonder if such income is said to be included in the category of professions who have high incomes in the world. However, the pilot profession is not so attractive women but more men. Being a pilot is not easy, but it does not mean that these ideals are not able to achieve. Here are the steps that can be done:

Preparing the adequacy of cost, health, and the ability of the brain

The first step to becoming a pilot is preparing for the adequacy of costs, the health of the body and also the ability of the brain. Cost to enter flight school is not cheap, it can reach up to 700 million Indonesian rupiah cadets graduate education. Such costs must not be taken lightly even more expensive than medical school. Lucky if the school can provide various facilities, such as a mortgage or a loan program in the bank, but must still be well prepared in order to finance not fall and could pass as expected. Prospective cadet pilots also must have good physical health, whether it’s health outside or within the body, such as skin, teeth, eyes, ears, heart, liver, lungs, and so forth.

In fact, the shape of the body was highly prioritized in this case, in which for at least 165 cm tall men and 163 women with weight balanced. Similarly, the ability of the brain. Before entering the pilot schools, there are tests that must be followed by potential cadet pilots that apart MedEx(Medical Examination) also academic skills that include the ability to speak English, mathematics, physics, and other general knowledge. The number of prospective cadet but received as a handful, would have to be prepared as much as possible in order to pass and could enroll in school pilot.

Choosing a qualified pilot schools and offer licenses MER

After the financial, healthcare, and academic ability has been prepared carefully, the next thing that needs to be done to realize the dream of becoming a pilot that is reliable is to choose a quality flight school. It is important to not be hasty in choosing a school so as not to get stuck into a school that is not reliable, for example, the duration of education is manipulated because of inadequate facilities so slow graduation, school fees be great for an additional charge, and many more. Therefore, before entering the pilot schools are strongly advised to consult prior to flight school specialization to obtain the proper pilot school and reliable. You can visit one blog consultant flight school on the following link

Please note that by using the services of consultants flight schools, cadet candidates can get an idea of how the quality of schools that will be addressed, assistance received proper schools so as to minimize the various forms of loss that can be experienced in a day later. In addition, the prospective cadet pilots can see the profile of pilot schools directly through the internet. In this case, you should select pilot schools that offer licenses MER (Multi-Engine Rating) that can be honed skills and abilities well and maximum.

Apply in any airline

When it was passed from flight schools, cadet pilots will compete for jobs in a few airline who are hiring. In this regard, it is important to be selective airline which is usually viewed in terms of salary. Airline apply on top is possible to receive a larger salary, but to be a reliable pilot does not have to work at top airline, but also on a regular airline. In other words, when a plunge in the world of work try to be able to apply in any airline, do not be picky because the airline could not be certain to be received in the selected airline.

Lucky if the airline can go on top, but what if accepted to work on a regular airline due to its goal to become a pilot who does not depend reliable than the airline but the ability to work in it. In other words, what does not work in a regular airline to get many hours of flying so that during many hours of flying, the pilot can apply on top airline. With high flying hours and maximum expertise, of course, the airline was looking for such candidates. However, that does not mean regular airline persist in not promising, salaries can also be increased along with the increase in flying hours and also promoted positions. So, any airline should have been to obtain a good career and be a reliable pilot.

Being a pilot does require extra seriousness. No wonder when his services are also considered to be very high. By the way, if you also have a goal of becoming a pilot? If so, prepare from afar the day in order to reach the profession and be a reliable and qualified pilots.

3 Things to Consider in Choosing Pilot School

Got a proportional body shape, good health, ability to speak English is okay, and economic conditions that support why not still discouraged to enter the pilot school. Pilot school is a flight school that is able to print or to realize the dream of the cadet to become a pilot/ aviator reliable, which will be working in the airline could even travel around the world for free. With higher education in pilot schools, the cadet will be trained as much as possible to be able to fly a plane, to land in accordance systems, and many other things though was not just high school graduates and graduates from Vocational High School of Aviation.

Moreover, the profession as a pilot is also said to be very lucrative. His salary could make life be fulfilled even have a chance to be used as working capital or investment. In fact, pilots who are just starting to work only income can be more than ten million Indonesian rupiah, even it is possible to reach the 70 million Indonesian rupiah if it has a maximum flight hours and achieved position is as a captain. Pilot is one profession that has a bright future, is not it?

pilot school3If you are interested in becoming a pilot, you must first be studied in flight schools to obtain enough stock in the world of work later. However, in choosing a school there are things that you must look in order that no one chose the school. You need to know, if the wrong choice of school is likely to affect things in the future, one of which could be unemployed because they do not gain sufficient knowledge and ability. As a prospective pilots, of course, do not want to experience such things, is not it? To that end, the importance of looking at three points below when you choose a school pilot:

The school’s reputation

Having completed his education in pilot schools and to get a job, you will have to apply in the airline. In this case, the airline that perform administrative selection will see which school you graduated from. If your field school that qualified and have a good name, chances are you will pass the test the first stage. Conversely, if the flight school where you are studying less well-known example of learning systems which lack of discipline, it is possible you will find it hard to pass the test phase. That is why it is important to observe the school’s reputation is good and right. The thing that you can do in this activity is to see the profile of the school in advance one of them through social media, for example, know the age of school because his old school stands can be a measure of its ability to print on alumni and informed directly of the alumni of the school. Thus, you can get an idea or information about the school you represent.


Facilities such as dormitories, classrooms, emulator, and trainer aircraft as well as the airport, also the things that must be observed correctly. Therefore, it will be very closely linked to the duration of the education that you take. As well as the airport and trainer aircraft, if the school you choose not to have such a facility just renting facilities alias the airline, likely duration of the study will be longer. This is because the cadet must turn in order to exercise the practice of flying the plane that can actually take longer. As a result, employment opportunities will be forfeited was great because it has not been able to graduate from school with little new flight hours. Therefore, the need to look at this correctly, it would be much better if the school you choose has facilities that support, like some of the above.


The cadet does have the ability in reading even more than instructor. However, the cadet course will not understand when studying aeronautical just by reading. That is the cadet requires intermediaries who are competent in this case the instructor to transfer such knowledge. Therefore, in addition to looking at the profile of a graduate instructor from where you also have to look at how many instructors who owned the school. Because, with professional instructors and a maximum amount could provide a broader knowledge.

Pilot school fees is not easy, even nowadays could reach 700 million Indonesian rupiah both domestically and abroad. Obviously with such a cost you should be able to become a qualified pilot one of them by selecting the appropriate pilot schools in order to repay the parents who have helped to realize your dream.

Questions to Choose Pilot School

Pilot school is one school of choice some people. This is because the pilot schools makes it easy to learn, which means a student does not have to take long education. For those of you, who are interested in school pilot, should choose a school. There are many scattered pilot schools both within their own country or abroad. If you decide to go in pilot schools, it is better not to directly register but find out in advance about the school. Well, if you want to select a pilot school, ask the following questions first.

pertanyaan sekolah pilot

What about its airport?

The first question that you can ask to the pilot schools is the problem of the airport. You can ask about the airport. Does your school provide its own airport or airports join others. Service becomes essential for your support so that the exercise can run smoothly and according to flying hours. If the school does not have its own airport and had to join the airports of others, then this is one reason you will not be maximal exercise and flying hours were earned not intact. This is because the airport will certainly give priority to commercial aircraft than your workout. By doing so, the knowledge gained and flying hours will not be effective. With events like this, it will be difficult for you to graduate on time. Therefore, make sure you choose a pilot school that has its own airport.

How many number of aircraft?

Many people are interested in going to school because the pilot looks more attractive and good schools. However, do not look at the facilities provided by the school. For example, the number of training aircraft. The number of aircraft into practice in order to better support and make you quickly pass. For that, check the number of aircraft there are problems at school. If the school only provides 1 aircraft and used for 50 students, then this makes you long waited for and also not good. By doing so, it becomes the cause of many a late student pass. How this is not the case when it must wait a long innings. The number of aircraft used aircraft ideally 1 to 5 students.

What about the instructor?

The instructor is a person who will share his knowledge with you. Do not care about the instructors. Ask how the instructor. Is a professional and sufficient in number? This is because you get a professional instructor with an adequate amount, it became one for your career cloudy. You must choose a pilot school that has a structure that has been experienced and also have hours of flying over 1000 hours of flying. Make sure the number of instructors in accordance with the number of students. The number of instructors ideally 2 to 5 students.

What is available MER license?

In the aviation world, there are 4 license must be owned by a prospective pilot like, PPL, CPL, IR, and MER. 4th licenses have different functions and uses for their owners. For prospective pilot himself must have at least three licenses in advance, ie PPL, CPL and IR. However, for those who want to work in the airline Airline, you must have a license MER beforehand. Airlines Airlines pilot who prefers to have a license is due to be ready for work. So, you should inquire about licensing this MER at the school. If the school does not provide it’s good to choose another school.

If you want to select a pilot school, it never hurts to ask a few questions as above so that the chosen school does not make you disappointed.

Common Problems that Are Experienced by a Pilot

problema pilotPilot is one profession that prides well as lucrative. How not, judging from appearances, the profession is highly respected as a great responsibility towards the safety of the people, as well as a fairly high salary included in the category of professions that have the largest income in the world. However, sayings and facts also said, in addition to lunch there at night, no sun changes with the moon, as well as the profession of this one, behind the excess as above pilot also has various drawbacks, among others:

Health problems

Pilot susceptible to health problems, such as colds, skin cancer, low blood, shortness of breath, and so forth. This is because the cold conditions in the air temperature is very high and the pilot flying hours were erratic, especially to pursue high flying hours in order to improve career. In fact, it can be said pilot professions most vulnerable to health problems if it can not control the good health, as accompanied by adequate rest and eating nutritious foods.

Although before flying pilot already had health checks, but it is not so guarantee the health of the pilot as it can be ascertained that the conditions of heat or cold in the air can affect the health of pilots, especially doing flying at night with extremely cold temperatures. Remember, health become an important part and should be prioritized to gain pleasure, when health is often disturbed necessarily all good pleasure that in terms of food, facilities, and so would have no meaning.

Far and relatives

Being away from relatives has become a common problem experienced by a pilot. Even pilots often experience this problem more on special days, such as school holidays, new year, and major holidays. As in the widths of all the family get together but a pilot in charge to celebrate the Eid alone because of the distance that separates. This risk would not want to be accepted by a pilot, because the airline will suffer large losses when pilots fly strike. In other words, even in the special pilot should still be ready to carry out their duties exception gets a leave of absence from the airline. Conditions such as these had to be based on the strong mentally because if not, can lead to depression or psychological stress. No wonder that at the time of school entry test pilot, one of them a psychological test to ensure that the profession can be achieved and is well run.

Plane crash

Which is also a common problem experienced by a pilot is a risk of a plane crash, which certainly can not be avoided. Many things can trigger the issue, one of the bad weather such as cloud cumulonimbus clouds that form the vertical, has a longer size and involving lightning and storms in it that can cause aircraft engines to die. The plane crash is a terrible problem that could even threaten safety. You could say this is a risk that is feared because it can be fatal.

Those are some common problems that are often experienced by a pilot. His profession is lucrative but the risk is also worrisome. Therefore, if you aspire to become a pilot, make sure it has a strong mentality, be it for problems of health problems, away from relatives, and also the plane crash that may come unexpectedly. Not surprisingly, the profession as a pilot is said to be a job that has a high consequences.

How to Be a Qualified Cadet at Flight School?

There are many cadets at flight school who are not qualified. This happens because they don’t understand lessons, instructions and responsibilities well. Realize that it is not good because they will not graduate on time. Besides, they can disappoint their mom and dad at last. How about you? Are you a qualified cadet? If you feel that you are not and you want to be a qualified one, you should do the following tips:


Study regularly

As a cadet, you are required to study regularly so you can understand each lesson that is taught by your instructors. If you get difficulty in studying because you cannot understand materials well, no need to worry. Realize that there are many cadets who deal with the same problem out there but they can solve it. For this, start studying step by step and ask for help from your friends if you get difficulty in understanding. Furthermore, tell the truth to your instructors and ask him/her to help you give additional class. Don’t be shy to do this because it is just for your goodness.

In other side, if you are smart, don’t be too confident. You should remain studying regularly unless you want to get behind from others and see them get succees first, okay!

Follow all training programs

When passing ground school, you will start following training programs. In these programs, you will learn how to fly aircraft by using simulator first. If you already master this, you will start using real aircraft. These programs will spend more than 6 months and there are many tests that you should take. If you want to be a qualified cadet, follow all training programs as well as possible. Keep in mind that these programs are not easy, you will get difficulty but it is no serious problem as long as you follow and understand instuctions.

What to do if you fail to follow training programs? Never give up because you are not alone. You need to know that as long as you want to do it, you can. Nevetheless, if you give up and feel cozy to do it, you will never pass these programs. Remember that failure is delayed victory.

Obey all rules

If you are a smart cadet who always gets good grades but you don’t obey all rules at pilot school, can you become a qualified one? Of course, you cannot. Realize that qualified cadets always obey rules to make them disciplined. Therefore, obey all rules as well as possible although you don’t like those rules. What you are forced to violate those rules? This is not a serious problem as long as you do it because you want to defend your friends, save your life, and maintain pilot school’s image. In contrast, if you do it because of your personal desire, you will be punished and fail to be a qualified one.

Hopefully, by studying regularly, following all training programs, and obeying all rules, you can realize your dream to be a qualified cadet. Good luck. 🙂